Maps of Nufal and the Tribal Kingdoms of Gyhwen

I’ve been much too slow in getting this done because I know how much readers appreciate maps in their fantasy books. I like maps too. I wish that I had some better maps to present. Maybe I will be able to produce prettier maps in the future, but for now these maps give a basic view of the fantasy world of the Rys Rising series.

The eastern world of Nufal where the tabre rule.

Gyhwen – the western world of the tribal kingdoms where Amar is from.

I shall get to work adding these images to the downloadable ebooks. Hopefully placing the images in those files won’t prove too cantankerous.

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New Religion: Rys Rising Book III is published

The epic fantasy series Rys Rising continues in the third novel New Religion. Today it was released in Epub, Kindle PRC, and PDF ebook formats. It’s available for $4.95 at Brave Luck Books and here. It will be appearing at numerous ebook retailers in the coming days and weeks.

About the novel:

Believing the frontier to finally be free of savages, Cruce Chenomet returns home ready to enjoy life. The pleasures of love beckon him toward happiness, but a hostile world denies him the peace he craves. The rys monarchs Dacian and Onja continue to plot the destruction of Nufal and the hated tabre. Onja opens a two front campaign meant to expand her dominion over the western tribal kingdoms and bring misery and ruin to Nufal. She commands Amar to lead marauders into Nufal. Excited to be set loose upon new and foreign lands, he attacks without mercy and even dares to fight magical tabre. In the west, Onja’s holy war rages as she continues to crush old idols and remake society. Demeda and Loxane expand their influence as the messengers of the conquering faith. In Nufal the rivalry between tabre Sects threatens their delicate alliance, and Tempet and Alloi begin to attract the loyalty of the people. This epic story continues with passion, ambition, courage, cruelty, and ever expanding magical powers. Warlords, refugees, politicians, warriors, child soldiers, and priests drive the high stakes action. The faith of all peoples will be tested and bested and forced to embrace a new religion.

Ebook $4.95 – Available worldwide

Visit Brave Luck Books to purchase in your choice of format.

New Religion: Rys Rising Book III



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Easy mobile ebook reading at Wattpad…and it’s free

In addition to making Rys Rising: Book I a free ebook download at this blog along with posting every chapter online for free web novel reading, I am also serializing this epic fantasy novel at Wattpad.

What’s Wattpad?

It’s a major scene for free reading, especially on mobile devices. Millions of people read ebooks at Wattpad. I also have my other free novel Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I up at Wattpad, and I know for a fact some readers there went on to purchase my other novels.

If you prefer to access a version of Rys Rising: Book I that is free and optimized for mobile platforms, please add it to your reading list at Wattpad. I add a new chapter every Friday (er, sometimes Saturday). As of today, 20 chapters are up at Wattpad already so there is no shortage of reading available on your mobile device.

Find the free Wattpad app that’s right for your mobile device:

If you already use a Wattpad mobile reading app, these are the codes for my fantasy novels:

Rys Rising – 2160964

Union of Renegades – 391404

Please be sure to vote and comment. It will help other readers find my stories.

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