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Reading formats

The majority of products from Falbe Publishing are
digital ebooks. Select items are also available as trade

Ebooks are available in at least one if not all of
the following formats:

epub: An open industry format that works on the iPad,
Stanza reading application for the iPhone, and the
Sony ebook reader among others.

Mobi: This format is compatible with the Amazon Kindle.
It will load into your Kindle from your computer.

Adobe PDF: Compatible with most computers, PC or
Mac. Download the reader from Adobe. Also works on
various ebook reading devices.

About digital rights management (DRM):

The ebooks available here are DRM free. Although it is
intellectually desirable to restrict unsanctioned uses of
digital content, it is not practical to be preemptive about

Market research among ebook readers strongly shows
a negative opinion of DRM. The dislike is not so much
caused by disrespect for copyright, but rather for the
technical inconveniences that arise from digital rights
management. To promote a pleasant and easy ebook
reading experience, ebooks here are free of DRM.

It is the personal opinion of Tracy Falbe that paying
customers should not be treated like criminals. Should
pirating of her work become a problem, then she will
release her minions upon the guilty.

About the immediate ebook download process:

Your ebooks will be available for immediate download
right after your payment has been made through your
Credit Card or PayPal. After payment, you will be
guided to SendOwl where you can download the
ebooks that you selected. Additionally, you will receive
an email with a link to your downloadable files. Your
links to your ebooks do not expire should you need to
recover them later.

Note: If you use the e-check option for payment, then
four business days are generally required before it
clears through the banks, which results in a delay in
the delivery of your access links to your ebook
downloads. Once the funds are received, the automatic
download delivery system will send you your ebooks.

If you have questions about this process or you do not
receive your ebooks, please
contact Falbe Publishing.
Your issues/problems will be fixed as soon as possible.

For the most part, the download service works
marvelously and the great majority of readers find their
buying experiences smooth.
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Privacy policy: The names, shipping addresses, email addresses, and any other information of the customers and
visitors to Falbe Publishing will not be shared or sold to third parties. All monetary transactions with this company are
processed through Stripe or PayPal which are secure and will also observe your privacy rights.

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Customer Service
Pay with your Credit
Card or PayPal.

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Ebook downloads are
provided by Send Owl
immediately after
completed payment.
You will also get an
email with the link to
your download.
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