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Ebook Downloading Support

You have many options for downloading free ebooks or
buying ebooks from independent sources.

What format?

Kindle - Mobi, pdf

Nook - epub or pdf

iPad - epub or pdf

Sony - epub or pdf

Kobo - epub

The following directions will hopefully help you get the
most from your ebook reading devices.
How to use iTunes to add epub ebooks to your iPad,
iPhone and iPod Touch

These directions work with iOS 4

1. Open iTunes on your PC or Mac and put the epub
ebooks into your Books Library. Do this by choosing
File > Add File to Library. Dragging and dropping the
files into the Books Library will work too.

2. Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac with the USB
cable. In iTunes, your iPad should now appear in the
source list under devices.

3. To sync books to your iPad, click on iPad under
Devices and then click the Books tab at the top of the
window. You can now choose to sync all books or
selected books. After making your selections, click
Apply to sync to your iPad.

The process will be the same for syncing to iPhone or
iPod Touch using iOS 4.

How to add epub ebooks to your iPhone if you are
using the Stanza application

The Safari browser in your iPhone may give you
trouble downloading files from sellers outside the Apple
ecosystem. Take these steps to download your ebook
files into the Stanza application:

Instead of clicking the link on a web page for your
ebook file, do this:

1. Copy the link URL

2. Open Stanza on your iPhone

3. Go to the "catalog" option, select web page and
paste in the link.

This will open the download page within the Stanza
application where you can then click on it and
download it into the Stanza ebook reading application.

How to add epub files from your computer to your
Barnes & Noble Nook

The Nook ebook reader comes with a USB cable for
connecting it to your computer. This enables you to
add ebooks that you saved on your computer to your

1. Connect your Nook to your computer with the USB
cord. Your computer will open its "My computer" window
and the Nook will be listed as a drive.

2. Click on the Nook drive to open it.

3. Drag and drop or copy and paste epub ebook files
saved on your computer into the Nook folder called "My

4. On the Nook, go to "My Library" select "View my
documents" and select "Check for new content." Your
Nook will then display the new file or files you just
added from your computer.

5. Select the new ebook you want to open. Note that an
epub file may take a few seconds to load.

How to add ebooks from your computer to your

If you have ebooks in PDF or unencrypted Mobipocket
format (Mobi) on a computer (Mac or PC), then you can
transfer them to your Kindle reader with the USB cord.

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer with its USB

2. Your computer will recognize the Kindle as an
external drive. If the window for it does not pop up, look
for the Kindle in the "My Computer" folder.

3. Click on the Kindle in your computer, and you will
see three default folders: Documents, Audible, and

4. Copy and paste or drag and drop the ebook files
saved on your computer into the "Documents" folder
for the Kindle.

Your new ebooks will now appear on the Kindle.

contact Tracy Falbe if you are still having
trouble or want to offer more tips and advice to
enhance this page.
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