Outcast Journeys Box Set Preorder Available


Fantasy and Sci Fi readers who’re looking for new authors to enjoy should pick up Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors.

This ebook box set is only $0.99 and represents a collaboration among authors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.. They are Nathan Anton, Tiffany Cherney, Tara Maya, Scarlett Van Dijk, Tracy Falbe, Ashley Capes, Alex James & James T Kelly.

This value-priced box set will release on August 2nd.

You can preorder it right now for only $0.99 and have it automatically available to you on August 2nd. 

This box set is available worldwide at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Visit the Outcast Journeys page at your preferred retailer to see details about the 9 novels and novellas included in this anthology.


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Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II


Continue the Rys Rising series with the fast-paced sequel Savage Storm by Tracy Falbe.  Ebook and paperback available.

Filled with righteous rage, Dacian and Onja defend their newly liberated home from tabre attack. No longer hobbled by dreams of rys and tabre unity, Dacian crafts enchanted weapons and trains the rys to fight. Onja’s love fills his emptiness, and together they reach toward even greater magical powers.

As the rys and tabre clash, Onja’s faithful warrior Amar faces many challenges while raising an army for her. Can he dominate the Overlord of the Kez? Will Amar expose himself to the carnal charms of the Shamaness Loxane to gain a new ally? Can he give up his lust for Princess Demeda and ransom her to the Temulanka Tribe as his duty demands?

While he sows war across the tribal kingdoms, Onja also enthralls the savages of the Nufalese frontier and unleashes their brutal hordes upon vulnerable settlements. Desperate to defend his people, Cruce Chenomet and his comrades trade wenching and drinking for grueling battles. His passionate dalliance from the year before unexpectedly becomes a vexing relationship. Bombarded by threats both to his body and heart, Cruce quickly loses hope but keeps his courage as he confronts the savage storm.

Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II

Ebook $4.99





$15 + Shipping


Amazon US

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Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

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Happy Summer Reading – 25% off sale on ebooks and audiobooks

Start a summer reading adventure

Whether you actually get to take a summer vacation or not, you can still carve out a little time for yourself and read a good book.

Now that the summer solstice has come, and it’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve created a special summer savings code for this website.

With coupon code 25summer, you’ll save 25% off any purchase at Brave Luck Books. The code works on all ebooks, audiobooks, and even my value ebook bundles!

When you checkout, you’ll see a space for entering the coupon code. Type or paste 25summer in there and you’ll get the sale price.

Sale lasts until July 16th. This will give you time to pick up sequels in my series if you get hooked.

Shop by series (Scroll down pages to find individual titles if you don’t want series bundles.)

The Rys Chronicles

Rys Rising

Werewolves in the Renaissance


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How life in Michigan influences fantasy author Tracy Falbe

savage-storm-300Authors are influenced by where they grow up and the places they live throughout their lives. What would some of Mark Twain’s books be like if he had not known the Mississippi River? His pen name wouldn’t have even been Mark Twain.

I grew up in Michigan. Central Michigan to be precise because the many subregions of our peninsula matter, at least to us.

I now live in Battle Creek, which can be classified as Western Michigan, Southern Michigan, or South Central Michigan.

Now you know how easy it is for me to create fantasy worlds divided by warring tribes and haunted wilds.

Speaking of haunted wilds, I consider Michigan to be inherently spooky. The environmental devastation wrought in the 19th century lingers like a crime within the second growth forests. This is one reason why the Lord of the Rings resonated with me so much as a young reader. I think our history of deforestation prepared me to understand the malice of Fanghorn Forest and Mirkwood. From a very young age, I always sensed the hidden life within the trees, and some of them resented people. I immediately found the theme of sentient trees in Tolkein’s masterpiece appealing and relatable.

Although my fantasy writing does not focus on trees, our oxygen-producing neighbors always inspire me. Nature and landscapes play an important role in my fiction, and I sprinkle references to trees throughout the prose.

In my first published novel, Union of Renegades, I wanted to summon my feelings born of Michigan’s forests. The novel opens with two people entering a haunted Wilderness from which no one has ever returned.

From Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I


As soon as she was alone on the road, she turned off and headed into the fields. In the distance the fields dwindled into pastures, and then the forest began. Approaching the very edge of the Wilderness, Miranda became afraid, feeling the dangerous potential within.

A giant oak stood out before the rest of the trees like a sentinel. The limbs of the oak curved and curled gracefully. A sudden gust of wind rattled the many branches of the watchful tree as she passed beneath.

Growing up in the Great Lakes region also gave me the ability to write about bad weather. My novels have featured punishing thunderstorms, armies brought to a standstill by freezing rain, and the quiet of a forest where snow falls gently. Even so, I hesitate to call our weather “inspiring.”

Every state is home to many talented people. Thankfully, with the rise of the internet, authors can now reach readers directly. I’ve been producing my novels since 2006, and they are available worldwide.

Start any of my fantasy series with a free ebook or get my ebooks and paperbacks at online retailers.

Free Ebooks

Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale

Rys Rising: Book I

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Paperbacks at Amazon


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Memorial Day Fantasy Sale – Save 50% at Brave Luck Books

In the Great Lakes region of North America where I live, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer fun season. I especially enjoy it because we might actually have continuous warm weather now without freezing or snow!

Make this the summer you read an epic series!

Whether you have a lovely lake house to visit or you’re stuck at work, you can spend those long summer evenings escaping to a world where the problems are much more interesting and exciting than your problems.

All fantasy novels are 50% through May 31st at this website. This includes all ebooks, ebook bundles, or audiobooks.

Just enter coupon code


at checkout and watch the prices drop by 50 percent.

If you prefer to shop at another ebook retailer, I’m also offering reduced prices through May 31st. 

You’ll find all of my ebooks $1 off, and The Rys Chronicles box set will be $2 off at

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And remember, if you want to start a new series, every Book I is a free ebook here and at some retailers.

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Coming this Summer – Mulit-Author Fantasy & Sci Fi Ebook Box Set

I’m very excited to announce a project that I’m putting together with seven other fine indie authors. This will be a box set with nine novels and novellas for a low value price of only $0.99. This box set will be available worldwide at all major ebook retailers. I’m bringing together an international group of talent with authors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Get on my email list, so you’ll know when this exciting box set is published.

In developing this publication, I’m drawing upon the great results that I’ve been enjoying as a participant in the Legacy box set produced by Paper Gold Publishing in Ireland.

Until I get the box set finished, take some time to get to know the participating authors and their works.

Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament

by Nathan Anton

Forgotten Relics: Book One of the Chronicles of the Kathya

by Tiffany Cherney

The Unfinished Song: Book 1 Initiate

by Tara Maya

Sky Stone: Book 1 of the Sky Stone Series

by Scarlett Van Dijk

Rys Rising: Book I

by Tracy Falbe

The Amber Isle and A Forest of Eyes

by Ashley Capes

Roc Isle: The Descent

by Alex James

The Fey Man

by James T. Kelly

Get on my email list, so you’ll know when this exciting box set is published.

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Lessons Learned – Short Story Exclusive for Kindle

Experience this crucial episode between Shan and Onja 400 years before their relationship descends into the rebellion depicted in The Rys Chronicles.

On April 30th, I released a short story set in the world of the Rys, the fantasy world where I’ve created 8 full-length novels.

In Lessons Learned, I reveal the moment when Shan challenges Onja for the first time.

About this Kindle Short:

A rash act of defiance will thrust Shan into a high stakes competition with Onja, his lover, his queen.

His compassion for a mere human starts his descent into a dangerous test that he is not prepared for. Then, his desire to be his own master drives him to continue. Shan feels his magic growing inside him. He sees the good that can be accomplished if only he can stop the vicious queen who has ruled over the rys and her human worshippers for centuries.

Step into the epic world of the rys with this short story from the Rys World that inspired eight other fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe.

Enjoy this dark fantasy on your Kindle reader, Kindle app, or with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Kindle US
Kindle UK
Kindle Canada
Kindle Australia
Kindle Germany
Kindle the Netherlands
Kindle France
Kindle Spain

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Rys Rising: Book I

Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe

In this passionate epic told from many angles, the young outlaw Amar becomes a dreaded warlord, the terror of kings. His ambitions blind him to the trivial diversions of mere female company until he must block a treaty marriage between two powerful tribes.

Confronted by the desperate Princess Demeda, he feels temptation again, but the longings of his ruined heart cannot overcome his pure love for Onja. She is a mysterious outcast from the magical rys race that is oppressed by the tabre of Nufal. Onja has commanded Amar to dominate the humans of Gyhwen while she plots to overthrow her tabre masters.

To support her cause, she aims to seduce Dacian, a prodigy among rys, whose powers have been hobbled by his loyalty to the ruling tabre order. Will he endure more dark abuses for the sake of peace or reach out to Onja?

While a rys rebellion secretly brews, the human minions of the tabre battle pillaging savages. The young estate lord, Cruce Chenomet, joins the fight. Violent trials and sensual surprises break the trail on his journey to manhood.

Packed with primitive energy and complex motivations, the intertwining stories and rising stakes of this fantasy world will indulge your cravings for intrigue, bravery, desire, and freedom.

Free Ebook

Free Epub

Free Kindle

Free PDF

Ebook also available at these retailers:

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Leap Day Sale on Ebooks and Audiobooks

The concept of Leap Year fascinates me. I remember when I learned about it as a kid. The fact that days imprecisely comprised a year and an adjustment had to be made irked me. At this later age, I accept that the universe is imperfect.

And Leap Day means we have an extra day to read.

To recognize this bonus day of life, I’m running a site-wide 30 percent off sale on my ebooks and audiobooks.

To get the discount, enter promo code:


in the box at checkout.

(Promo code valid through February 29th.)

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up the next book in one of my series.

Find all titles listed for each series on the appropriate page:

And the 30 percent off can be used on the ebook value bundles and audiobooks too.


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The Borderlands of Power: The Rys Chronicles Book IV

The Borderlands of Power: The Rys Chronicles Book IV by Tracy Falbe

Nufal is invaded and human warriors fight alongside their rys and tabre champions in a grueling clash of muscle and magic. Grim struggles smash strategy into chaos, and loyalties degenerate into desperate choices for survival. Tempet and Alloi, driven by their desire for revenge upon the rys, push King Shan deep into the violent reservoir of his power.

Ebook $4.99




Ebook also available at these retailers:

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