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Indie Fantasy for People Who Don't
Do What They're Told

Come to a place of heroes, heroines, epic
enemies, and trusted friends.

Feel their joy and pain.

Revel in their victories and endure their bitter

Hopefully I'll entertain you. Maybe I'll provoke
your thoughts. Inspire you. Anger you. Delight

You won't know until you start reading.

Sincerely, Tracy Falbe
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Werelord Thal: A
Renaissance Werewolf

Thal is wanted for Devil
worship and shape
shifting but still boldly
walks the streets of 16th
century Prague.
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Rys Rising: Book I

A young warrior ruined
and near death is saved
by Onja a mysterious rys
Savage Storm: Rys
Rising Book II

When Onja enthralls the
savage Chatapaka
people of the remote
north she unleashes
their brutal hordes upon
vulnerable Nufalese
New Religion: Rys Rising
Book III

In the west, Onja’s holy
war rages as she
continues to crush old
idols and remake society.
Love Lost: Rys Rising
Book IV

In this breathtaking
conclusion to the series,
unleashed monsters
born of cruel spells test
the mettle of the
sturdiest warriors.
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Union of Renegades:
The Chronicles Book I

Meet a man scarred by
bad deeds who answers
the call of a heroic cause.
The Goddess Queen:
The Rys Chronicles
Book II

Queen Onja has called
for Shan’s head and her
Kezanada agents stalk
him with enchanted
Judgment Rising: The
Rys Chronicles Book III

The long dead civilization
of Nufal, where Dreibrand
and Miranda nurture their
fledgling kingdom, has
not forgotten the brutal
genocide of its ancient
war with the rys.
The Borderlands of
Power: The Rys
Chronicles Book IV

Nufal is invaded and
human warriors fight
alongside their rys and
tabre champions in a
grueling clash of muscle
and magic.
Journey of the Hunted
Journey of the Hunted

Coming Nov. 2014

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